TMC2100 Driver

Posted by Philsko


The Trinamic TMC2100 Stepper Driver is much quieter than the A4988 or the DRVC8825, and offers the possibility of a 1/16 stepping, but the steps are extrapolated to 1/256 directly on the stepper driver, which improves the resolution when printing, the steppers simply drive every movement as smooth as butter, the interpolation makes it alot simple for the smaller 8bit cpus which would be totally overtaxed with 256 steps.

Warning: If you have not already bought the MKS/Bigtreetech/Biqu v1.0 do not buy it,
the FYSTEC V1.3 are easier to setup.

If you read through the datasheet of the TMC2100 you can see that they can do a lot. Most important for us are the different operating modes.

  1. MKS/Bigtreetech/Biqu

After I bought some of the MKS/Bigtreetech/Biqu Stepper Drivers I was faced with the problem of how to set them up correctly.

To adjust the stepper drivers you have to close some solder bridges on the backside. Some of them are hard to read and because of their small size they are very difficult to bridge, especially for soldering beginners. In addition the parts are partly a copy of the Wattenrot stepper drivers, but not 1:1, the PCB layout is changed, the solder bridges are in different places and they made a design mistake.

After I had searched for it, without finding any information that would have helped me, I luckily found a thread in the reprap.org forum where some people had already dealt with this stepper driver.

Source : http://forums.reprap.org

There it was said that if you wanted to move these stepper drivers in 1/16 interpolated 1/256 SpreadCycle you had to close the solder bridges at CFG 01 and CFG 06.

Since I like to know why I do something, I tried to get the schematics of the steppers … after almost 3 weeks of asking and waiting for an answer by the manufacturer, I quickly freed one of my stepper drivers from the component and sanded it down to see the tracks.

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Fact is that the CFG6 pin has no contact to the leg of the board (ENABLE), without this contact it is not possible to connect solder bridge to CFG6 in any mode.

If you want to use the STEALTH CHOP mode with 16/1 stepping and interpolated 1/256 steps it is enough to close CFG6 and that’s it for you.

For SPREAD CYCLE 1/16 interpolated 1/256 the solder bridge on CFG1 must be closed in addition to the ENABEL (solder bridge CFG6).

Now the Stepper Driver is much more powerful, not as quiet, but still worlds quieter than with the other Stepper Drivers.

The solder bridges are really fooking small and difficult to close fo a soldering beginner. Maybe silver conductive lacquer would be an alternative, which can be brushed on or, if necessary, applied with a toothpick or needle.

If you want to have it even quieter, you should change from 12V to 24V to operate your stepper, this has brought another significant improvement for me.