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TMC2100 – FYSETC V1.3

Posted by Philsko

The Trinamic TMC2100 stepper drivers are many times quieter than the A4988 or the DRVC8825, and offer the possibility to be driven with a 1/16 stepping, but the steps are extrapolated to 1/256 directly on the stepper driver, which improves the resolution when printing, the steppers simply drive every movement smoothly.

After I bought some of these stepper drivers, they had to be adjusted to be able to use them.
If you read through the datasheet of the TMC2100 you can see that the parts can do a lot. Most important for us are the different operation modes.

The Stepper Driver in super quiet Stealth Chop 1/16 Interpolated 1/256 mode, if you like it very quiet and usually print rather slowly you can use the drivers exactly as they are.

To set the stepper drivers to the more powerful Spread Cycle mode, with which the printer has a lot of power and is still quiet, two solder bridges on the back have to be closed.

For Spread Cycle 1/16 Interpolated 1/256 in this case a bridge between CFG1 and GND is necessary. On the picture the left two solder pads are marked in yellow

That’s it, you have now correctly configured TMC2100 Stepper Driver.

If you don’t know how to solder, ask a friend or try silver conductive lacquer, you can simply brush it on.

If you want to have it even quieter, you should change from 12V to 24V to run your stepper, this has brought me another significant improvement.