User defined Docker Networks in Unraid

Posted by Philsko

User defined Docker Networks in Unraid

There is the possibilitty to choose custom bridge networks for any docker in the dropdown menue  of available networks.

It is required  to create a custom bridge network manually, you need to use CLI.

created a custom network with the name “my-bridge”.

docker network create my-bridge

or if you want a specific subnet for the bridge network

docker network create --subnet= my-bridge

if you want do delete a brige you need to disable all activ dockers that are using that bridge first.

docker network rm my-bridge

List off commands

connect – Connect a container to a network
create – Create a network
disconnect – Disconnect a container from a network
inspect  – Display detailed information on one or more networks
ls – List networks
prune – Remove all unused networks
rm – Remove one or more networks