Usefull Octopi Plugins

Autoscroll – Turn on/off terminal autoscroll when scrolling up/down

Autoselect Plugin – Automatically selects freshly added files for printing if no print job is currently active.

BLTouch Plugin – Plugin to add control buttons to the control tab of OctoPrint for the BLTouch.

Custom Control Editor – Makes Custom Controls editable via settings

Cyborg Theme – Dark UI

Display ETA – Show finish time (ETA time) for current print.

Editor Collection – Helper plugin to put all Editor Plugins onto one Page

Emergency Stop Button

FileManager – Simple FileManager

GCODE System Commands- Define G-Code commands that execute local system commands.

Gcodebar Plugin – Plugin for Octoprint to allow sending GCode commands from the sidebar

Navbar Temperature Plugin – Displays temperatures on navbar

Print History Plugin – Saves filename, print time and filament usage for each print

System Command Editor – Makes System Commands editable over the Web UI

Terminal Commands – Lets you add custom G-code command buttons to OctoPrint’s Terminal view tab

TouchUI – A touch friendly interface for a small TFT modules and or phones


stl previews as thubnaisl in windows explorer